If you are  author or writer wishing to be interviewed by me you can get e-mail me at 

As I would love to hear from you





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  1. your facebook link is not the right one

  2. Hi Fiona,
    Just read your interesting interview with John Reinhart Dixon. I would love to be interviewed on your blog. You can contact me at
    I am an author of five children’s books. My blog is and website is
    Look forward to hearing from you.
    Best regards,
    Janice Spina

  3. Hi Fiona
    Fabulous interview with one of my special Author Andrea Wood. I am a member of her street team and would just like to say her work is excellent, and fast pace. Go Andrea 🙂

  4. Hi Fiona

    Loved your interview with Lucy Felthouse. I would love to be interviewed by you if you can fit me in.



  5. Saw your post on FB courtesy of Jessie B. Tyson–will email you at the address above about doing an author interview. Cheers! Anna Celeste Burke

  6. Would love to be in touch with you about interview. Just wrote my first novel after two non-fiction books. I am friends with Paul Brazill.

  7. Hi I’d like to be interviewed. I’ve written a thriller The Deadly Caress on kindle.

  8. Thanks for following my blog. 😀

  9. Hello Fi. It was such a pleasure chatting with you today and I look forward to interviewing with you in the future. Enjoy your day and have a wonderful year. 🙂

  10. fjgouldner said:

    Hey there beautiful lady across the pond.
    Just wondering if you’d like to interview me
    as I believe that being an Underground Writer/American Psycho you and your readers might find me interesting.
    Let me know.

  11. Hi there,
    I just sent you an email with my interest in being interviewed.
    Thanks very much. 🙂
    Tiffany Apan

  12. Good Afternoon Fiona. My name is James Gordon, and after seeing the work you’ve done with other authors, I would thoroughly enjoy an interview with you. Oh, and we are in the Book Promotions group with Sara Knight

  13. poseyparkspublishing said:

    Book just came out today Samantha Posey Love Unfolded on Amazon would love to give you a copy and would be excited to get an interview.

    Thank you

  14. Eve Anderson said:

    Hi. My name is Eve Anderson & I follow the interview of different authors.

    Recently, I read a book that I consider the author is worthy of an interview. I never ask to interview anybody. I received his book expecting something else by the title & had to change my opinion.

    The author name is: Greg Hogben and his book is “My Daughter’s Army”. I’m not a real fan if his genre, but by God, I had to change my whole perspective. The book moves my emotions, make me laugh, cry, feel empower to be a woman.

    I hope you could saw the book is available at Amazon. My id there is: MasterI, so you want to saw my review.


  15. Hallo Fiona

    I wouldn’t mind an interview on your blog. I am a colleague of Alexander Wallis, whose interview you have just posted. And coincidentally, I am a friend f Nik Morton who I met in Spain. We shared experiences and books over a few yearss when I lived over there. My website is Hope to hear from you soon.

  16. Eve Anderson said:

    Hello, Ms. Fiona

    As a follower of your page, I follow a few, the ones I like. I approach you again with another recommendation, if I may.

    Recently, I suggest the name of Greg Hogben author of “My Daughters Army” to be interview. That’s the first request I did for an author.

    But, he is at this moment a “New Daddy on Duty” of a newborn baby girl. Slepless days & nights. I send him a message, told him about you & he will check. That’s the reason if the delay. So excuse me if he doesn’t contact you already.

    I’m a reader since I had 3 1/2 years, so I could say I use it as different ways to travel with my mind. My Daddy taught me: english & spanish.

    Yes, I’m a bookworm. Like to Read, Revise & Review. For about 1 1/2 years I been pushing to read more of Indie Authors. They’re taking their own place at literature, sometimes or many times, moving the “old great names”.

    I had a great deception with a book of a series very particular with the characters. In his last book the author just open the other books, take a bit from here & there and voila a “new book”. I feel sad, anger, the lost of my money. He’s my ex-never-again-author.

    Why all this babble. Well, as I recommend Hogben. I had another one, if you’re interested, with a completely different genre (YA). The name: J. A. Armitage, the book “The Labyrinthians”. Here is the mail contact:

    I can’t gave you Facebook connections. I don’t do Facebook (I Truly, HATE IT!!!!)

    I’m extremely difficult to sold a book, as I’m part of some ARC’s, the 1st thing I made the author understand is that I been completely honest like it or not.

    No matter if I received the book as “free” for an honest review or I buy it. If it’s good, it is. If is bad, well bad, it is. 

    I tried always to do 2 reviews (one to author, one to readers). Even I do it even the book was release (one was the author of “Born Lucid). So, I received many authors mails to check their work. As also I hate spoilers my reviews are a little different.

    I prefer to review in a positive way, there’re ways & ways to say without  use an author as a mop. But when you sold me something so bad, I could be a true “Witch”.

    I do Read, Revise & Review, because I enjoy reading & is good for authors & readers as well. Is fun, I never could do it for money it takes the fun away.

    Even, my reviews are at Amazon. You could revise my Reviews under the nickname of: MasterI.

    There you can read, and saw how could be honest without spoilers. I NEVER Review if I don’t read a book, no matter who was. I take notes as I read and verify the accuracy of: dates, historical names, places, etc.(I did that with the excellent book: Born of an Assassin).

    Well, I think I wrote too much & babble to. Had a nice day. From the wonderful island of Puerto Rico (in the Caribbean).

    Yours truly…Eve Anderson

  17. Eve Anderson said:

    Hi, Fiona

    I’m a follower of your blog. But, something happens in my mobile & I didn’t receive your blog lately.

    Do I had to subscribed again. Where?

    Eve Anderson

  18. Dear Philip Dow Could yo email me so I can pass on your message

  19. yeh I’m an author of Lily Poole. I’d love you to interview me. My contact details are

  20. I’d love to be interviewed and to return the favor by interviewing you for my blog.Mary R. Woldering Author of historical fantasy series Children of Stone

  21. Fiona,
    I would to be interviewed as part of the pre-release promotion of new adult suspense called, ‘What If I Go?’ Its out on 31st of January with Solstice Publishing. To get in touch email at
    Thanks a bunch. Polly

  22. Thanks. sending sometime today!

  23. Author K. L Roth said:

    If you’d like to join our blog list for R. L Weeks and K. L Roth releases, here’s the sign up form. Thanks and appreciate all your help.

  24. Hi Fiona. I emailed you and the email bounced. 😦

  25. I’d love to be interviewed!

  26. My name is Ylond Miles-Davis and I write historical fiction. My debut novel was just released. I would love to be interviewed. My email address is Please visit my author’s page or website at

  27. Hi,

    I’m Rafael Hines, author of Bishop’s War (, and I would love to be interviewed.

    Thank you,


  28. Please feel free to google me

  29. Dear Fiona:

    I am a writer whose debut novel, Darling Girl, will be published next October by Green Writers Press.

    You can find out about Darling Girl on my Facebook pages at and at I also have a half-hearted blog that needs some sprucing up before I reveal it to the public.

    I would love the opportunity to be interviewed by you and to help you reach your goal. Please feel free to contact me at this address and I’ll be back in touch with you within 24 hours.


    Watch for my debut novel, Darling Girl, coming in the Fall 2018
    from Green Writers Press / Green Place Books.

    Visit my blog at

    Stay up to date by liking and following me on or

  30. Hi Fiona,
    I sent you an email re an interview. I look forward to hearing from you. In the mean time you can learn a bit more about me at my WP site:

  31. Reached out a few days ago, haven’t heard from you.

  32. Author of historical fiction would like to do an author interview.

  33. Hello Fiona, I’m a Texas writer interested in an interview. I have 2 books published.
    You can reach me at
    Thank you, Andrea Rendon

  34. Good evening from Canada. I have heard you are looking for authors to be interviewed. I have 2 novels, In Defense of Innocence (April 16/18) and Homegrown (June 11/18) being released by Crave Press and would love to talk with you.

  35. Hi Fiona, I nominated you for an award, go check it out on my page x

  36. Teri Stallone PA said:

    Happy Friday ☺️. I am the personal assistant for 3 authors who may be interested in being I interviewed. I would like to know how you choose who you interview?

  37. Hi Fiona, thanks for the follow! Great site, I’m dipping in and out of it. Would be delighted to speak to you at some point – I hope to have some good news shortly about my 3rd novel, which I’ll reveal in a blog soon. I’ll drop you a line soon if that’s OK? Many thanks and regards, CHRIS

  38. I am interested in an interview.

  39. just wanted to say thank you for the follow

  40. Hywela Lyn said:

    Hi, love your interviews – I’m going to send you an email in the hopes I might be featured at some stage.

  41. Great to read very nicely done. Bob Martin GBS Survivor Bobs Story

  42. HI Fiona,
    You interviewed me several years ago about my book Life at 12 College Road. I have the opportunity to have a short story included in my publisher’s first anthology of short stories.
    I have already one in mind called Dinners at Grandma’s. This is a story about family, coming of age, and the unique politics of family in the 1950’s. At least once a month on a Sunday, as we were growing up, mom and dad would pack us all into the car and we would drive from our home in Rockland County, New York to our grandma’s home in Brooklyn. And so the story begins…

    If you think this would be a good idea and you are willing to help, please go to the link below and vote. []



    Eric S. Mondschein
    Author – Life at 12 College Road

  43. Alexander Saunders said:

    Was wondering if I can another interview with my new book the DinoDimension

  44. Alexander Saunders said:

    Just wondering if can get an interview for my dinosaurs story

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