Hello and welcome to my blog, Author Interviews. My name is Fiona Mcvie.

Let’s get you introduced to everyone, shall we? Tell us your name. What is your age?

Nathan Colston and I’m 49

Fiona: Where are you from?


Fiona: A little about your self (ie,  your education, family life, etc.).

Not anything very exciting here. Just a simple guy that drives a truck for a living. At home I live the quiet life. Watch movies, cook out on the grill, spend time with the wife and my daughter along with my three dogs.

Fiona: Tell us your latest news.

At present I’m very busy with my writing. Working of a Co-auther project with Andreea Pride the series is called The Rose of Alabastra the first book with be called The Bleeding Thorn. The first book in my Dancing a Supernatural Tale Saga The Hidden Series Dancing In The Dark. The first book Dance of Unexpected Change was sent to my editor. Also, I’m working on the last book in Dancers Curse of Love Book 5 Last Dance of The Cursed.  I’m also currently working on Shemalight Existence Rise of Wateara that is the first book in the memory series I have several WIP Dancing The Magic Begins series one in Dancing a Supernatural Tale Book 1 The Book of Dunkar.

Fiona: When and why did you begin writing?

About 2001

Fiona: When did you first consider yourself a writer?

I don’t really think myself to be a writer. I think myself to be a story teller and entertainer.

Fiona: What inspired you to write your first book?

A teacher

Fiona: How did you come up with the title?

My wife helped me with Sheamalight a song gave me the idea for the Dancing a supernatural tale

Fiona: Do you have a specific writing style? Is there anything about your style or genre that you find particularly challenging?

I like to think my style is unique. All of my stories are out of the box. What I mean by that not your typical brand of stories.

Fiona: How much of the book is realistic and are experiences based on someone you know, or events in your own life?

A few things are based on real life events. But most of the stories are pure fictional.

Fiona: To craft your works, do you have to travel? Before or during the process?


Fiona: Who designed the covers?

Melissa Stevenes, The Illustrated Author Designs

Fiona: Is there a message in your novel that you want readers to grasp?

Sheamalight existence Not particularly. Dancing a supernatural tale, the plot is based off of multiple conversations that I couldn’t help but to overhear eating at truck stops.

Fiona: Are there any new authors that have grasped your interest?  Who is your favourite writer, and what is it about their work that really strikes you?

Rick Gualtieri I like the way he presents the story

Fiona: Outside of family members, name one entity that supported your commitment to become a published author.

My readers

Fiona: Do you see writing as a career?

I hope to

Fiona: If you had to do it all over again, would you change anything in your latest book?


Fiona: Did you learn anything during the writing of your recent book?

I’m constantly learning

Fiona: If your book was made into a film, who would you like to play the lead?

I haven’t really thought about that

Fiona: Any advice for other writers?

Listen to the negative things said especially if more than one person is saying the same thing and don’t give up

Fiona: Anything specific you want to tell your readers?

Thank you so much for your support and I hope you enjoyed the stories.

Fiona: What book are you reading now?

I’m not much of a reader I’m more of an audio book person. At the moment I’m waiting on several new releases.

Fiona: Do you remember the first book you read?


Fiona: What makes you laugh/cry?

Funny things makes me laugh sad and mushy things makes me cry.

Fiona: Is there one person, past or present, you would love to meet? Why?

I haven’t really put much thought into that.

Fiona: Do you have any hobbies?

Telling stories

Fiona: What TV shows/films do you enjoy watching?

I mostly like movies

Fiona: Favourite foods, colors,  music?

Just good cooking, purple or scarlet, I like a wide verity of music 60’s to now pop and country

Fiona: Imagine a future where you no longer write. What would you do?

Keep driving, I don’t see myself not righting. It may come to a point where I don’t publish but that doesn’t mean I will quit writing. I wrote many years before I published and will likely keep writing.

Fiona: You only have 24 hours to live how would you spend that time?

The same as every other day. We’re all born to die, say what needs to be said, do what to be done every day. When the last day does come you say you lived every day as if it was the last.

Fiona: What do you want written on your head stone?

He won’t don’t do that shit again.

Fiona: Do you have a blog or website readers can visit for updates, events and special offers?


 Amazon  Authors Page USA  https://www.amazon.com/kindle-dbs/entity/author/B07BZ2KFWW?_encoding=UTF8&node=2656022011&offset=0&pageSize=12&searchAlias=stripbooks&sort=author-pages-popularity-rank&page=1&langFilter=default#formatSelectorHeader

UK  https://www.amazon.co.uk/Nathan-Colston/e/B07BZ2KFWW?ref=sr_ntt_srch_lnk_2&qid=1575979267&sr=1-2