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Name and Age:

My name is Lucinda Mack; age is a state of mind, and mine is in a constant state of chaos.

Hometown Info:

I was born and bred in the outskirts of Philadelphia, PA in a town called King of Prussia.

That area was once filled with lush scenery and farms. Now, it is a mega shopping district and is littered with corporate buildings.


Well, I had a relatively normal life except for the three years that I was bedridden.  At the tender age of 9, I was felled by Rocky Mountain Tick Disease, Rheumatic Fever, Juvenile Arthritis and Scarlett Fever.

I was paralyzed from the waist down.  I was kept away from family and friends because the doctors thought I was contagious.  It was an oppressive, lonely existence.  One day, I asked for a pen and paper and began to write.  The process served as my distraction from my physical and mental anguish.

My characters became my friends and their landscapes my playground. The result was that it the sparked my literary journey.

I worked my way through college and held a variety of jobs. Once, I was a sales clerk, as well as a Legal and Executive Secretary.  At another stage of my life, I owned my own property management business. I even dabbled in the field of Home Care in order to connect with the world around me and people I considered less fortunate.

Latest News:

My book will be out in late November or early December of this year!

Why and When I first began writing:

I began writing as a child because I was bored and lonely, but now I press my fingers to the keyboard because I am organically inspired. There is really no other choice for me.  It is the nub of the hub of my creativity and is unique to who I am and what I represent.

When and Why I thought of myself as a writer?

I had always thought of myself as a part-time poet rather than a writer until I decided to write “Nightsticks and Negligees.”

What inspired me to write my first book?

My inspiration for penning this novel came from two movies; “Pride and Prejudice” and “Slasher”.

The music, the stories and the actress portrayals forced me to expose what burned me internally.

How did I come up with the title of my novel?

While thinking about a name for my story, I watched an old British murder mystery, “Sherlock Holmes.”  I saw cops hitting the criminals with clubs. One of the characters in the show referred to the clubs as nightsticks. Later, a scene appeared with men drinking in a smoke-filled room, and women pranced around in skimpy clothing.  Out of the blue, the word negligees popped into my brain. All of a sudden, a title, drifted into my head.  I thought it was rather appropriate, so I decided to name my book accordingly.

What is my writing style and what challenges resulted as fallout from my technique?

I still think of myself as a poet rather than a person who creates stories. It was difficult to spend so much time on prose rather than poetry.  Somehow, however, I weathered through the difficult and confusing storm to complete my book.

How much of my story is real, inspired by events or people versus fiction?

My book is a three-part novel.  I would say about 50% is based on something or someone from my past.  The other 50% was powered by my imagination Genie.

Did I have to travel to any particular locations to craft my book?

I did not have to travel except through the corners of my soul, heart and mind to develop my first novel.

Who was responsible for the book cover?

Most of the credit for the cover goes directly to my publishing team. I had minimal involvement. They did a super job.

Is there a message in my novel?

There are several messages:

  1. We always have the opportunity to redesign ourselves into a better version; our lives are the result of our choices.
  2. Sometimes love hides in the shadows of our existence. Many of us need to secure the courage to shine a light on it to find it, and embrace it.
  3. As humans, we are all flawed. We differ in how we live out each day and how we cope with our problems.  The methods we devise to overcome difficulties make us who we are. That is what makes us unique.
  4. Most people don’t want to be outcasts. They want to be accepted, understood and loved. The confusion rests in determining a means to become one with our universe and the others who populate our surroundings.


Have any new authors captured my attention and who are my favorite writers and why?

No new writers have recently grabbed and held my attention. My favorite writer is Stephen King.  His work is bizarre and I am drawn to his stories. To be truthful, however, I enjoy poetry.  Edgar Allan Poe and Carl Sandburg are my favorites. It is the thrust and force of their words that attract me to their works. When I read their poems, my soul aligns with the power of what they penned.

Outside of family, what person supported me in my decision to write?

There is one close friend who has read my poetry and stories.  His name is David.  He gave me the encouragement to publish my first book, and the confidence to flourish when I wanted to just run away and hide.

Did I see writing as a career?

I never really thought seriously about writing as a career choice.  It was always a hobby.  One day, I hiked up my skirt, slipped on my stilettos and tap-danced my way through the challenges of creating and publishing a book.  My actions were a result of my compulsion to set my feelings free. It has been a marvelous journey.

What would I change about my book?

I would not change anything about my book.  It is imperfect and flawed just like all humanity.  I do not want a sanitized version of my words to reach the public. I want the authentic language, rhymes and verses that dripped out of me to greet the audience.

Did learn anything from writing a novel?

The intensity and beauty of the writing process was a wonderful surprise.

If my book became a movie, would I want to be the lead?

Absolutely not!  That job would work out much better in the hands of a professional actress.

What advice do I have for other writers?

Stay the course and don’t let anyone stop you from fulfilling your dreams.

Is there something important I want to tell my readers?

I would like to let my audience know that I worked diligently on the development of full-throttled, multi-faceted characters.  I wanted them to spark alive within the pages of the book.

Another one of my goals was to bring an air of authenticity to the passion, crimes and investigations which dotted the setting of my novel. I hope I succeeded.

What book am I reading now?

Currently, I am reading, “The Savant “by Cass Tell.

What was the first book you ever read?

I think the first book I read was “Huckleberry Finn” by Mark Twain.

What makes me laugh/cry?

During the holidays, “The Preacher’s Wife” and Miracle on 34th Street make me laugh, cry and sigh. The rest of the year, special, heart-tripping moments in my world bring me joy and sorrow.

What person, past or present, would I like to meet and why?

It would be so perfect to meet the composer, Hans Zimmer.  His musical composition, Inception, made my essence tingle and quake.  The impact of his composition was body and mind mesmerizing.

What are my hobbies?

My hobbies include taking in strays, and doing standup comedy for friends and family.

What television shows, movies or films do I enjoy?

I love Superhero movies, murder mysteries and cooking shows.

What is my favorite food, color, and music?

My favorite food is pizza and I love the color red.  I absolutely adore all kinds of music.

If I could no longer write, what would I do?

If I couldn’t write, I’d become a politician, a comedian or a dancer; I am not sure that there is much of a difference between those jobs.

If I only had 24 hours to live, how would I spend my time?

Kissing and hugging all the people I love one last time.

What would I want written on my head stone?

“Her voice is gone but her words live on.”

How can my readers get updates?

They can access my website: