Hello and welcome to my blog, Author Interviews. My name is Fiona Mcvie.


Let’s get you introduced to everyone, shall we? Tell us your name. What is your age? My Name is Nicholas Paschall, and I’m thirty-two years old.


Fiona: Where are you from?

San Antonio, Texas.

Fiona: A little about your self (ie,  your education, family life, etc.).

I was raised by a mixed religion family and became Buddhist at eleven. I’ve lived as a Zen Buddhist since then, practicing meditation and nonviolence. I wake ever day before the sun rises for my morning meditations and prayers, then begin writing. I got my education through the Texas public school system and then went through the University of Texas at San Antonio system to get my degree in History.


Fiona: Tell us your latest news.

My latest news is that I’ve been signed on by Stitched Smile Publications to write a trilogy, called “Hunters of the Dead” with the first slated to come out in the first quarter of 2018.


Fiona: When and why did you begin writing?

I began writing when I was in high school to get ideas out of my head, and had the stories posted online for people to read and review. I’ve left them online and sometimes go back and shake my head.


Fiona: When did you first consider yourself a writer?

The moment I was first published in a printed work, which was in 2011.


Fiona: What inspired you to write your first book?

I was reading a horror novel at work while on break, and put it down because it was just so boring. I started chatting with Angelica, the secretary, and she said she’d take it off my hands as she liked scary stories. I said she could have it. The next day she stormed into the office and practically threw the book at me, exclaiming that she couldn’t get past chapter two and that she had nightmares because of the book. I figured at that point I could write something better.



Fiona: How did you come up with the title?

It’s funny, I don’t come up with titles until I’m done with the work. Like with the Father of Flesh, I had fopur different names floating in mind and settled on that one in the end.


Fiona: Do you have a specific writing style? Is there anything about your style or genre that you find particularly challenging?

I love character development and making characters you can relate to. People have told me how much they love my writing style for that. I’d say my weakest points would be scene descriptions.


Fiona: How much of the book is realistic and are experiences based on someone you know, or events in your own life?

Father of Flesh has a few people taken from real life that make up Professor Davis, the main character. I had a certain professor that I based another professor in the novel off of, and the experiences with thermite are real, if only seen from a distance.


Fiona: To craft your works, do you have to travel? Before or during the process?

Nope, YouTube is enough for me.


Fiona: Who designed the covers?

Darkwater Syndicate has an artist on staff that handles the artwork, I’ve never met them.


Fiona: Is there a message in your novel that you want readers to grasp?

Don’t blindly follow any religion, always question and seek truth. If the answer is “You just have to have faith,” then you are doing it wrong.


Fiona: Are there any new authors that have grasped your interest?  Who is your favorite writer, and what is it about their work that really strikes you?

Sarah England. She wrote the Father of Lies series, a possession series that talks about mental illness from an expert’s perspective.


Fiona: Outside of family members, name one entity that supported your commitment to become a published author.

Entity? I’d have to say nobody. Just me and my family.


Fiona: Do you see writing as a career?

Yeah, I have Father of Flesh, the trilogy, and more books in the works.


Fiona: If you had to do it all over again, would you change anything in your latest book?

I like how it ended up and the reception, so that would be a no.


Fiona: Did you learn anything during the writing of your recent book?

Of course! During editing I learned a ton of grammar rules that had been outside my realm of knowledge, I learned how to better pace dialogue, and I figured out how to better dissect a character’s thoughts for the reader.


Fiona: If your book was made into a film, who would you like to play the lead?

Gary Oldman as Professor Davis


Fiona: Any advice for other writers?

Set a daily writing goal and keep up with it.


Fiona: Anything specific you want to tell your readers?

For any book you pick up, be it mine or someone else’s, please leave a review. Even if you don’t like it, let us know. It’s how we grow and learn what works.


Fiona: What book are you reading now?

Dredging Up Memories by Jeff Brown


Fiona: Do you remember the first book you read?

By myself, without help? That would be Scary Stories to Tell In The Dark,


Fiona: What makes you laugh/cry?

B-list horror movies with low budgets but good acting.


Fiona: Is there one person, past or present, you would love to meet? Why?

Hemingway. Just to have a few drinks with him and see what the man was like, learn a little about the supposed pillar of masculinity that he was.


Fiona: Do you have any hobbies?

Not really, I just write.


Fiona: What TV shows/films do you enjoy watching?

I watch American Horror Story and catch new horror movies as they come out.


Fiona: Favorite foods, colors, music?

I prefer tuna or chicken, red and black, and rock over techno.


Fiona: Imagine a future where you no longer write. What would you do?

Fade to black 


Fiona: What do you want written on your head stone?

“Should have thought of something witty…”


Fiona: Do you have a blog or website readers can visit for updates, events and special offers? 

Of course I do! You can check out https://www.nickronomicon.com/ for updates and short stories that I post up four times a week!

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