First of all before we start this interview I want to congratulate you on completing 4000 interviews with authors.

That is fantastic accomplishment and being one of those authors I can honestly say that we appreciate you doing the interviews. Now off to your interview so many of us can learn about you.

  1. Tell us about yourself, your family, and your upbringing.

Dad was inthe army so I was born in West Germany and we moved about a lot until I was 12 .When dad came out of the army we moved to Scotland and I have lived here since . I have 4 children and 5 grandchildren so far. I love baking walking and writing poems

I am a care assistant which I love doing



  1. How did you get started interviewing people? Did you ever think you would get this many interviews? Do you enjoy it?

I use to have a forum for readers and writers and one day someone said I should try and interview some authors so I thought why not give it a try they can only say no

No I did not think I get so many authors saying yes and as you know I am at 4000 so far.

Yes I love it, love reading the answers


  1. Unlike many of the people that you have interviewed I know that you have written a book. Tell us about it? Have you finished it?

No not finished it still getting it typed on to my laptop as it was written by hand many years ago. It still have  a bit to go but I will finish it one day


  1. Have you written anything else? If you have can you share any of that with us?

Yes I write poems and have done since I was 10 years old I have lost count of how many I have done as some are still in my note books .

I would like to get some of them in to a paperback book even if I just get a few printed to leave for my children


  1. How does your family feel about your interviews?

They find about it as I get to know about books they may have not heard of like some of the great children’s books .One of my grandchildren loves Brenda May Williams book Holly Prickles The hedgehog


  1. Of the interviews that you have done are there any that stick out in your mind? If there is can you explain why?

The all stick in my mind because of some of the great answers and some answers have been quite funny like one authors answer to my question “what would you do if you did not write” his reply was be a “porn star” lol

I also love the fact I get the authors to open up not just about their books but their lives


  1. 7. Is there anyone in the past or present you would like to interview? Why?

Past I love to interview the likes of Terry Pratchett and Robert Burns because I love their work

Present J.K Rowling I loved her Harry Potter books

And Stephen King well I love horror stories


One of my poems

My little angel above

My little angel above

My heart sinks when I think

That God took you away from me

At 12 hours old

He must have something special for you

As it is just the good he takes

And I know your dad

Will look after you up there

I know you are looking down on me

On your angel cloud

But it does not stop me

Being heartbroken

John-Andrew 24/12/1980 – 25/121980

I truly enjoyed doing this with you. I hope you get to reach the 8000 interview mark soon. As one of those first 4000 you have interviewed I want to thank you for the opportunity to chat with you.


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