Name  Angela Aaron but call me Angie.

Age Old enough to know better but young enough to have fun!

Where are you from

The Mitten State!

A little about your self `ie your education Family life etc

For those that don’t know me, I write sexy contemporary romance with a fantasy twist. My stories have stormy courtships, intriguing secrets, magic, mystery, enough steam to curl your toes and plenty of romance to warm your heart. I love to write big, strong alpha heroes in a story that will astound you and provide the perfect escape. I have four books published to date and one on the way (The Ghost). The Guardian – Shadowstone Legend, The Fire of Beltane, Pleasure Island and A Mediterranean Affair.


I’m a simple pleasures kind of gal. Give me a good cup of coffee and some quiet time in the morning and I’m set for the rest of the day. I’m a mom of a wonderful university student. I also work full time. I love to be outdoors and quite often in the summer, you’ll find me camping. Some of my best stories have been crafted in the forest. I have a very special place I go to each summer that is really inspiring.


Fiona: Tell us your latest news?

The second book in the Shadowstone trilogy, The Ghost, is about done. I’m aiming for a June release. This one has taken me a while due to a family crisis that put me back in completeing it, however it’s on track and soon to hit the shelves, as they say.

Fiona: When and why did you begin writing?

I’m a hopeless romantic, I have been since a very young child. I’ve always been fascinated with the idea of people falling in love and that very special feeling that happens. I guess that’s why I write romance and fantasy romance. I love the idea of an alpha hero from the past having to deal with modern times. It gives him a sense of vulnerability while still remaining strong. I love when people ask me when I started to write because I have been writing most of my life and don’t know when I started. When I was 9 years old I used to write stories with happy-ever-afters for my favorite television characters. As I went through adolescence I continued to write. I never stopped writing. I wrote my first full-length novel in college and I dabbled with some fanfic after college. But never considered publishing until just a few years ago. I generally write the type of stories I like to read, because I figure if I like to read them there are others that will like them, also.


Fiona: Do you have a specific writing style?

I really try to let you into the heads of my characters so you are clear on their thoughts and feelings. All of my female characters are based on people I know. I write them to react the way I know that person would react. It isn’t necessarily the way I would react, but that’s what makes them interesting. Sometimes they are frustrating, sometimes they are funny, but each one is unique.

Fiona: How much of your books are realistic and are experiences based on someone you know, or events in your own life?

Boy, if my books were based on my real-life experiences, I certainly would not be working full time- I think I’d be hanging around Pleasure Island sipping cool drinks with those yummy boys. Seriously, though, I do put a scene here and there that is based on real life.

My ideas come to me usually as dreams or daydreams. As a matter of fact a beginning scene in The Fire of Beltane is exactly a daydream I had one cold February morning as I procrastinated going into work. I sat in my car thinking how wonderful it would be if some big hero came and swept me away on an adventure, taking me away from my mundane job. I stopped right there and wrote down what I was thinking before going into work and when I got home that night, The Fire Of Beltane was born. It’s easy for me to imagine a normal woman falling into abnormal situations because I’m, well, a normal woman (some closest to me would question “normal”).

Fiona: Do you see writing as a career?

Career? No. I write for fun, to escape the dreary Michigan winters. When it becomes a burden then I will walk away. It’s a very powerful thing to be able to craft a story. I can make it whatever I want, I control its destiny. I write because I love to write, because I love to immerse myself in different worlds and meet different characters. I don’t write because you want to be rich and famous. That happens to only a few.


Fiona: Can you share a little of your current work with us?

My current project is the Shadowstone trilogy. Book one, The Guardian is out now and is doing very well. The audio version is superb. My narrator,  Holle Jackson did an excellent job with all of the accents. She makes you believe you are actually on the Isle of Skye and you are with characters from the past. It adds a whole new dimension to storytelling. I got shivers listening to my own book.


Here’s the blurb for The Gurardian:

The past and present meet, a lover’s secret is revealed, and doors to forbidden places open as the Shadowstone’s power awakens.

Rebecca never believed in the Fae or Faerie legends, let alone considered she was descended from one. Becoming embroiled in a dangerous quest with an invisible foe, Rebecca has no choice but to rely on the assistance of the cocky Scottish laird to stay alive.

Torn from his time, Cailen is thrust in to the mystical role of Guardian by an ancient pledge. Sworn to protect the bearer of the enigmatic Shadowstone, he must unravel the magic and power of the sacred Fae object before the Fae can reclaim the stone and the one who bears it.

As undeniable passion ignites, and the talisman’s secrets are revealed, Cailen and Rebecca must confront the looming heartache that threatens their future.

A Fantasy Romance full of Magic, Mystery and Sizzle! Adult content.

Presently I am completing book two, The Ghost with the characters Fenora and Brynn, crafting their story, The Ghost -Shadowstone Legend Book Two. Their tale will take us further into the world of Fae and Fenora’s growing power.

The third book of the series, The Fae -Shadowstone Legend Book Three, is waiting in the wings. This one will center on Nighean and Leith, who you meet in book two.

You can find out more about all my books on my website. You can even listen to an excerpt of the audio for them and watch a few fun videos I made I also have links for my other two books, Pleasure Island and A Mediterranean Affair there as well.


Fiona: Is there anything you find particularly challenging in your writing?

The hardest part I find about writing is actually finding the time to sit down and write. I lead a very busy life as a mom, having a full time job and quite often having exchange students hanging around our house. This is where the good cup of coffee and a quiet morning comes in. Watch out when I get started, though. Once I get going I don’t stop. I’ve been known to binge write for 3 days in a row stopping only for food and a quick shower. Everything else I let go during that time. My family knows better than to interrupt me when I’m like this. I am not a disciplined writer that can sit down for a certain amount of hours every day and write. With me it’s feast or famine. When I’m writing, I’m obsessed, when I’m done I go through withdrawal. When it’s over I’m relieved- at least till the editing starts. Ha.

Fiona: Do you have to travel much concerning your book(s)?

I do love to attend book signings. I will be at several this year. You can check out which ones I will be at on my webpage under the “Event” page.

Fiona: Who designed the covers?

My cover designer is Fiona Jayde. She does an awesom


Fiona: Is there one person pass or present you would meet and why?

I would adore meeting Leonardo Da Vinci. I think this gentleman was such a visionary thinker, I can hardly imagine the depth of his imagination, intelligence, curiosity and foresight. I would love him to see the world today and to find out if it is like he imagined.


Fiona: Other than writing do you have any hobbies ?

When I do find a bit of free time I enjoy working on my family genealogy. I’ve been working on it for several years and every now and then immerse myself  in my ancestors.


Fiona: What TV shows/films do you enjoy watching?

I try to keep up with a few. Outlander, Game of Thrones, Vikings, Westworld, The Crown, Victoria, Supernatural, Magicians, Sleepy Hollow, Grimm. I’m totally geeking over Travel Channel’s Josh Gates and Expedition Unknown, History’s Oak Island and am super addicted to SyFy’s Face Off.


Fiona: Favorite Music

I  have very eclectic tastes in music. I have over 5000 songs on my ipod (Yes, ipod- the old one) ranging from classical to rock bag pipes, to Frank Sinatra, to musical scores and of course, lots of classic rock.

I think music is my second inspiration. Often I will hear a piece of music that will inspire a scene or fit with a thought I have in my head. With the Guardian there were two very specific playlist that I listen to over and over while I was writing. I actually put the YouTube videos for this music on my website so others could listen to it as well.


Fiona: Do you have a blog/website? If so what is it?

Sure, I love to connect with readers!


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 Author Twitter: @AngelaAaronAuth


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Pleasure Island Excerpt 

All of Cassie’s great intentions flew out the window the instant the plane touched down. She stepped out into the balmy, tropical breeze made even sultrier by the aroma of exotic flowers planted along every walkway. Everywhere, palm trees swayed, birds sang. She groaned inwardly. The scenery would have to be so decadent on first sight. “Just great,” she mumbled. “I’ve landed on Fantasy Island. All I need now is for Ricardo Montalbán to stroll up.”  But it wasn’t Ricardo who welcomed the guests disembarking the plane. Instead, a hefty dose of testosterone and glistening male bodies reminiscent of ancient, Greek gods strolled forward.  Cassie swallowed hard. She found it difficult to ignore the gorgeous, fit bodies covered only by one tiny patch of material. These same, scantily clad bodies easily merged into the crowd of guests. Her gaze paused longer than she intended, briefly yielding to the impulse to examine the perfection of the young Adonis-like beefcakes. She subconsciously moistened her lips, realizing she did so afterward. All the male flesh made concentration hard and difficult to recall exactly what she needed to do. She spied the other women anxiously waving or calling out to particular gentlemen, and noticed many were on a first name basis.  Cassie closed her eyes and gave herself a momentary respite from the wantonly charged atmosphere. When she opened them a moment later, however, she found herself staring into the well-chiseled pecks of one of the Greek gods . . . err . . . one of the island’s employees sent to collect the patrons. She swallowed the lump in her throat and sidestepped the arm snaking out to encircle her.  “Ah, excuse me . . .”  “Giovanni”  Oh, okay, so he was a Roman god.  “Okay, Mr. Giovanni,” she said, but he cut her off.  “Just Giovanni.”  “Fine, I’d like to speak to someone about booking a flight, please.”  “There are no flights until next Sunday.”  “You don’t understand. I shouldn’t be here.”  “Are you not Cassie Douglas?”  “Well, yes.”  “Then this is where you are supposed to be.”  “No, it’s just that—”  The approach of another nearly naked young man interrupted Cassie’s protest again. “I’m Phil.”  “Oh.” There were American gods, too? Cassie cleverly maneuvered out of Phil’s outreached hands, as easily as she’d avoided Giovanni. “Please. I really need to talk to someone. There’s a mistake.”  “There’s no mistake. Any friend of Sophie’s is a friend of ours.” Giovanni flashed a bonemelting smile.  Cassie glanced to the heavens with a roll of her eyes. This conversation was proving more difficult than she’d expected.  “Please, gentlemen. I really need to speak with someone about getting a flight.”

“There is no one to speak to.”  Again, she managed to disentangle herself from Giovanni’s roaming hands.  “Someone must be in charge.” She backed away and clutched her purse to her chest.  “May I help you?” The rich, resonating voice from behind her queried.  Cassie spun around so quickly she lost her balance. A pair of powerful hands steadied her. She gave into the temptation to follow those hands up to the attached body.  Slowly, she lifted her gaze. The thought occurred to her if Giovanni and Phil were gods, then this man was Zeus himself. The God of Gods. Six feet, four inches of Mt. Olympus perfection. Tall, tan, solid, and incredible looking. His eyes were dark and fathomless, tempered with cool control. He sported wavy, dark hair reaching just past his shoulders, which were as wide as a house and tapered to a flawless chest and waist. The impeccable linen suit he wore was perfectly suited for the humid weather but still respectably business-like.  Ricardo Montalbán, my ass.  “What can I do for you, Ms. Douglas?”  Cassie managed to close her gaping mouth and noticed the way Giovanni and Phil drew back, not out of fear or intimidation, but out of respect. This threw her off kilter.  “I-I need a plane. I need an immediate flight off this island.”  He appeared to study her with silent intent. His close scrutinizing frazzled her and made her feel self-conscious. She quickly glanced down at herself to make sure her clothes covered her in a discreet fashion. No, she seemed still to have everything quite intact. Then why was his gaze sliding over her as if taking inventory? Her skin tingled from his bold examination.  “I need to get off this island,” Cassie said again.  “Unfortunately, Ms. Douglas,” Zeus said with a calm demeanor and even perhaps a hint of sarcasm, “the plane that is heading down the runway, right now, is the only plane coming or going until next Sunday.” He motioned with his head toward the sound of an approaching aircraft.  Cassie looked in the direction he indicated and realized the plane, which she’d just disembarked, had taxied the small airstrip, turned around, and accelerated down the runway.  “Wait!” Cassie waved her arms, thinking she would draw the attention of the pilot. “Wait!”  She ran after the plane, still waving frantically. After a moment, she gave up, recognizing a lost cause. The pilot could neither see nor hear her, and just seconds later, buzzed over their heads on his way back to the mainland.  “Just great.” She mumbled, stalking back to the three men, her shoulders slumped in defeat.  “Ms. Douglas, I’m sure you will have a delightful stay at our resort.”  Cassie shot the Man-God her best “if-looks-could-kill” glance, before she stomped past him, past the two nearly naked lesser gods, and headed in the direction of the resort.

A Mediterranean Affair Excerpt  

Lorenzo slammed the car door with too much gusto. He had better things to do than

deliver gifts to some spoiled Yank, even if the gifts were the best bottles of vino

produced at his winery. His job was the vineyard and the grapes, not playing delivery boy

to spoiled cruise ship passengers.

Despite his displeasure at the prospect of driving all the way into town and to the

crowded docks, Lorenzo couldn’t turn down his grandfather when asked to make the

delivery. He’d seemed rather distraught at the message he brought with the wine and had

asked Lorenzo to pick up a bouquet of flowers to accompany the delivery. Though he

hadn’t revealed the details of the message inside the envelope, Lorenzo guessed it wasn’t


“Just perfect.” Lorenzo mumbled under his breath, spying the volume of

passengers he would have to wade through to reach the ship. Letting out a huff, and

tucking his hair behind his ears, he trudged forward into the crowd, weaving his way in

and out and around until finally reaching someone who could help him. In his haste,

however, he nearly knocked over the crewmember as he approached. It was the quick

action of a man who dodged out of the way that prevented a collision.

“My apologies, signore, but I have a delivery for one of your passengers.”

Lorenzo held up the bottles of wine he juggled and waited for directions to the delivery

area. The young crewmember looked at him curiously for a moment before an impish

smile graced his boyish face.

“And what passenger are you here to see?” he inquired, rather hastily, scanning

the sea of remaining passengers who needed to board.

Lorenzo shifted the bottles of wine into one arm and dug into his pocket. He

pulled out a slip of paper. “Signorina Andrea McDonald. An American.”

Half expecting to have the wine and flowers taken from him, Lorenzo was

shocked when the man instead referred to his tablet, jotted something on his clipboard,

took papers out of his pocket, and handed them to him.

“Well, Mr. Robinson, your lovely lady has already boarded.”

Lorenzo looked at the number on the paper.

“It is your cabin number and ticket stub.”

“But I thought…. Wait…. I’m not…. Don’t I just give this to someone who will see

she gets it?” Even Lorenzo knew he couldn’t just wander about the ship.

“Just go to the left over there and look for the elevators. I’m sure Signorina

McDonald will be very glad you have arrived and pleased with your gift.”

“Wait. This isn’t my gift….” Lorenzo’s protest went unnoticed by the young

crewmember who turned his attention to another person. Lorenzo threw a glance to the

heavens then scanned the number on the papers before stuffing them in his pants pocket

and heading in the direction the crewman had instructed him to go.

“This is ridiculous.” Lorenzo grumbled, rounding one final corner, halting in front

of a door with the same numbers as on the papers given him. He sighed, shifted his

packages, and knocked on the door. He waited, tapping his foot impatiently. After a

moment, he knocked again.

“It’s open,” called a female voice from the other side.

Bena. He thought Good. He was anxious to finish this task. Lorenzo turned the

handle, pushed the door open with his toe, and stepped inside,

Much to his astonishment, sprawled out before him on the bed, wearing nothing

more than the skimpiest lingerie, was a beautiful auburn haired woman, posed very


“Oh merda!”

His eyes raked over the luscious vision an instant before decorum had him

spinning around, turning his back to her, but not before noting her long legs and ample

breasts that were barely contained by the silky material.  Bella donna.

“Oh!” came the woman’s surprised squeal. “Oh no. I’m so sorry.”

Lorenzo could hear fabric rustling and assumed she’d covered herself. He glanced

over his shoulder unable to resist one final look, smiling to himself at all that lovely flesh

hastily concealed by a thick terry robe.

“I’m so sorry. I thought you were someone else. I expected….”

She was flustered, blushing and extremely embarrassed, judging by the red stain

on her cheeks.

“Oh never mind,” she mumbled.

Lorenzo cleared his throat. “I have a delivery for you.” He lifted the bottles of

wine and flowers and held them out for her.

“For me?” She took the bottles from him, still wearing the blush from her

indiscretion. “Oh, my favorite wine.” She giggled setting the bottles on a nearby table.

“And are the flowers for me, also?”

“Si.” He held out the bouquet.

Lorenzo watched as she held them up to her nose and inhaled, smiling at the

aroma. While she fished in the bouquet for the card, Lorenzo turned to make his exit.

That was, until he heard the wine bottles crashing to the floor. He spun around, finding

she had swept them off the table. Her expression revealed her anger and what he

recognized as dejection. He turned again ready to make a hasty exit when he heard her


“He’s not coming. My dream trip to the Mediterranean and I’m on the cruise

alone.” The woman flung the card and envelope to the floor.


Lorenzo watched as tears brimmed in her eyes and spilled over her cheeks as she

sank down on the edge of the bed. Utter despair now replaced the sexy, sultry, playful

look that only a moment ago graced her sweet face.

Time to get out of here, he thought, reaching for the doorknob and jerking open the door,

not attempting to hide his apprehension. This was exactly why he didn’t like to make

deliveries. He didn’t have any inclination to involve himself in other people’s drama. He’d

had enough of his own not that long ago and wanted to avoid anything remotely similar

for a very long time.

Against what every instinct told him, he halted when she called out to him, and

despite his best intension not to, he turned toward her. She wiped at her eyes and

haphazardly reached for her purse. The sadness on her face undid him. His chest

tightened then, as a flood of memories assaulted him. In his unexpected disarming, he

realized she thought she had to tip him.

“No. Bella.” Before she even looked up, he fled from the room.



The Fire of Beltane Excerpt  

“My dearest Aislinn, my dearest love,  Centuries of heartache and suffering doesnae begin to compare to the agony I am facing writing this letter to you. I find ’tis one of the most difficult things I must do, and despite the power I possess as a warrior, I am defeated by the thought of living without you.  As I write, I gaze at you, sleeping peacefully in our bed, and I am moved by the intensity at which I crave you. Even now, my body greedily stirs for you and will ken no satisfaction until I am inside you. It warms and thrills me how you give yourself to me, although it can be nae other way for us.  I have loved you more deeply, more purely, than any man should be allowed to love. If we had a hundred lifetimes together, it would nae be enough time to love you. You are my love, my life, the other half of my soul.  Aislinn, my only solace is perhaps you will nae read this letter, and all shall go well on Beltane, and we will be together. But if the fates have other plans for us, and I must leave you, then you must live for the both of us. You must be strong, as I ken you are. Donnae forget me, Aislinn, for time and years will never diminish my memories of you.  I ken you will nae feel complete again. You will carry the emptiness in your heart where I once was. Imagine I am there, as I will with you, and perhaps across time, our souls may find each other again.  If I cannae be there for you, then you must make life easy for yourself. Seek out whatever will make you happy. Everything I have is yours, Aislinn. You will have no financial worries, so please seize life and live it for the both of us.  All I ever wanted was to have a lifetime with you, one lifetime in which to love you as we were meant to…Christ, Aislinn, it pains me imagining what you will go through, what heartache you will suffer.  What we have is unique, Aislinn, the sharing of souls. We have lived and loved more in the short time we were together than most people ever do in a lifetime, and ’tis this thought I want you to hold in your heart when the emptiness becomes overwhelming.  I wish more than anything we were granted our time together, but if it is nae to be, then, my love, ken how very much you will always mean to me.  I love you now and always, for all eternity,  Aedan