Name: Skyla Murphy


Age: 27


Where are you from (a little about yourself): A small hick town on the West Coast of Canada. I’m a hiking hippy, a mountain explorer, a myth researcher, an MMA fanatic, and a heavy follower of conspiracy theories. I live where folks drive down the streets on their combine tractors, drinking maple syrup straight from the bottle.


Just kidding!


Except for that one time, eh?


Fiona: Tell us your latest news?

I’m in the final stages of editing my debut novel ‘Hell Will Rise’. I’m offering ARC copies to reviewers/bloggers/readers who are interested in appraising my work. You can find out more at It will officially be published in March/April!

Fiona: Can you share a little of your current work with us?

‘Hell Will Rise’ is a romantic thriller involving the cures to the world’s deadliest diseases. It is the story about a 21-year-old male, Hunter Garciez, who becomes involved with the Mexican mafia as a way to adopt and protect his younger sister once their parents are brutally murdered.


After a few years of committing illegalities, he looks for a way to escape the brotherhood. Once his crew boss catches wind that he’s been trying to leave the gang, anarchy ensues as he throws a blonde slave at Hunter’s feet. Hunter is directed to deliver the slave to a man in Vegas, or lose his little sister forever. As time unravels, Hunter learns the slave holds critical ties to the deaths of his parents. He must decide if she’s worth saving… or better off dead.


Fiona: When and why did you begin writing?

I began writing when I needed a creative outlet. Around age 21, I bought my first guitar and wrote my first book. A book that will never be exposed (haha). I was going through a rough patch in life and needed hobbies that could align my mental state. These two things helped me fight through the tough times. I will die writing and playing the gee-tar now.

Fiona: Do you have a specific writing style?

I like things a little dark and gloomy. I don’t believe in a picture perfect love story. I think those stories are best left for the younger generations who still see the world through pure eyes.



Fiona: Are there any new authors that have grasped your interest and who is your favorite author and what is it that really strikes you about their work?

I’m becoming a huge fan of A. Zavarelli. ( I’ve only read her Boston Underworld series so far, but I really enjoyed it. If you’re into mafia style stories with dark love, she’s a must read.

I’ve also been reading Renee Spyrou’s ‘Seraphympire’ series. It’s vampire based, but it takes on a different storyline than the usual blood drinking crap. The world is on the verge of an apocalypse. It’s up to one vampire with two souls to save civilization from a drug called V5. It’s a unique plot, a thorough narration, and a must read for fans of paranormal realms. (

Fiona: Name one entity that you feel supported you outside of family members.

To narrow it down to just one would be difficult. Recognition is owed in so many directions. When it comes to support, I’m abundantly graced.

Fiona: Do you see writing as a career?

I think everyone who dedicates enough time to create and publish a book sees writing as a career. At the very least, we hope for it. Do I think writing is going to pay my bills come next week? Nah, but it’d be deadly if it did. J Whatever will be will be. I don’t write for anyone but myself.

Fiona: Do you have to travel much concerning your book(s)?

Not much. Most of ‘Hell Will Rise’ is based out of Vegas/California. I’ve spent some time in Sin City, but it wasn’t related to my book. If I learned anything, I can’t remember it. Too many Sambuca paralyzers…

Fiona: Who designed the cover?

Kim Killion. She’s amazing!

Fiona: What was the hardest part of writing your book?

Distractions. The hustle and bustle of everyday society. When I first began writing ‘Hell Will Rise’, I had just received a new job up in the oil sands of Alberta. Living in work camps with 3000 other isolated people, it’s easy to make friends. With friends comes a lack of time. I struggled to balance my after-work life with my writing. My obsession with UFC also sidetracks me, but I mainly curse Twitter and YouTube for my procrastination.



Fiona: Do you have any advice for other writers?

Never give up! Many things will cause you grief during the publishing process, but nothing worth having comes easily.

There are three types of writers.

The pups, the dogs, and the wolves.


The pups will turn away at the first sight of difficulty. Failure makes their palms sweat. Maybe they receive a rejection letter in their inbox, or maybe they realize it’s harder to publish something than they initially thought. For whatever reason, the pups often back down in the beginning stages because of their nerves.

The dogs are the ones who will push a little harder. Yet, they still eventually allow critique to destroy their passion. As a writer, you can’t be afraid of taking a beat down. Even the best in the world receive bad reviews. Believe it or not, there are people who don’t like ol’ Kinger. You can’t please everybody. Just aim to please your target audience.

Against all odds, the wolves are the ones who make it happen. They are the ones who’ve revised their manuscript(s) a thousand times. They are the ones who’ve spent months/years lacking a social life. They probably have a mean caffeine addiction too. Whether it’s the coffee or true passion that keeps them going, they are the ones who persevere.

No matter what your “thing” is, obstacles will always exist. If you have a dream, nobody will make it happen for you. It’s hard work and dedication. You’ve got to be a wolf. It’s the only way you’ll survive in the wild.


Fiona: Do you remember the first book you read?

I think it was a Lurlene McDaniel book. I’ve always been a romance fan, especially when they come bundled with a little sadness and hardship. Her books are mad tearjerkers. I was big into that when I was younger.


Fiona: Is there one person past or present you would meet and why?

Albert Einstein. I’m fascinated with this guy for being so many light years beyond his time (Get it, lightyears? – my stupid Quantum Theory joke). I respect him for the many inventions he created. Most have become priority in our everyday lives. If he was still kicking today, I think we’d be flying around like The Jetson’s already.


Nostradamus would be a cool guy to have coffee with too… maybe.


Fiona: What do you want written on your head stone and why?

Oh, I don’t plan to die. If I can healthily make it to the year 2045, Russian billionaire Dmitry Itskov will be keeping us alive as robotic copies remotely controlled by brain-computer interface (BCI). Hasn’t anyone done their research lately? Avatar A, B, C, and D are on their way! (just kidding… or am I?)






Fiona: Other than writing do you have any hobbies?

I’m an avid conspiracy activist. If you have a YouTube channel and a vivid imagination, I probably know about you. People hear ‘conspiracy theorist’ and automatically assume I’m nuts. My family does. I once suggested the world could be flat. I don’t actually buy into this theory, but I say things to get a rise out of people. When I said this, my mom listed me for sale on Craig’s List.


I’ll set it all straight by saying that I don’t believe in Big Foot. The documentation ‘captured’ on the species is relatively poor and most of the people who claim to have encountered one seem to have dipped their minds in acid. However, as for Walmart’s underground tunnel schemes, the corruption behind the media and political systems, as well as the theory that other planets could potentially host some brand of life… hell, yeah! I’ll promote those theories.


I swear I’m sane…


Fiona: What TV shows/films do you enjoy watching?

‘No Tomorrow’. If you haven’t seen it, make sure to check the sitcom out on Netflix! It’s about a guy who believes an asteroid is coming to destroy Earth. He creates an Apoca-List containing everything he wants to do before human civilization is wiped out. The show is hilarious.


As for movies, my favorites are Detroit Rock City/21&22 Jump Street/Airheads/Now You See Me 1&2/Superbad/Bridesmaids/Fast and Furious/Get Hard/Anything stupid starring Kevin Hart, Seth Rogan, Jonah Hill, and James or Dave Franco.


Fiona: Favorite foods / Colors/ Music

Food: Pineapple and Feta Pizza.

Color: Purple.

Music: Bullet for My Valentine/Avenged Sevenfold/

System of a Down/Metallica/Shinedown/

In This Moment/Guns N’ Roses/ACDC/Johnny Cash.

Anything acoustic melts me too.


Fiona: Do you have a blog/website? If so what is it?
Twitter: @skyla_murphy
Instagram: @skyla_murphy




“…Some say robbing a bank without winding up in a jailcell is impossible, but I’m living proof that it’s not. Seven robberies down, my legal record is still clean. The media calls me notorious. Notorious is a criminal who uses no veils, weapons, or blunt force, yet still manages to remain unidentifiable.


It isn’t the anonymous fame that allows me to outsmart California’s banking staff. It’s patience, perception, and basic mathematics. Identity theft is nothing more than a hobby of mine. Hacking is in my blood. It began as a method to protect my little sister. Now, illegalities consume my life.


Some also say death is hard to predict. As for me, I saw mine coming from a mile away. The premonitions began just after she was thrown at my feet. A blonde slave, as innocent as I am toxic. With crystal-blue eyes like hers, any guy would have wanted to defend her.


Guns are pointed my way regularly. That’s reality in the syndicate, but it’s different this time. This time, she’s the reason I’m staring down the barrel of a gold-plated Smith & Wesson. As I roll my unlucky dice, I already know I won’t see snake eyes at the end of the green rug. Yet, I don’t fear death. For my soulmate, I will smile while taking eight rounds to the chest…”