Hello my name is Monica Moore
I am 37 years old
I am from Alexandria, Va
I now reside in North Carolina

I am down to earth love having fun pretty much get alone with everyone just don’t cross me. I’m a mother first, teacher and inspirational speaker and love what I do.

I’m now working on a children’s cook book which would be title cooking with poetry. I’ve just complete a another inspirational poetry with just a little romance book which is title the Healing secrets.

I’ve been writing since I was eleven but never thought about publishing until I was 36 lol. I believe my college classmates and profesor really inspired me they really enjoy my work.

My first book I wrote I dedicated it to my daughters and anyone else who can relate.

I write Poetry but I’m going to start working on some short stories as well.

Well I coming up with a title was so hard and besides I had just a little help from a cousin. I went through so much with my baby girl which her name is Passion my cousin said name the book Passion but i wanted something more eye catcha. I said well the struggle is over for me in her and all the hurt in pain that i had went through I said I would just title the book Moving Beyond Pain to Passion.

I would want readers to know Poetry is just like reading a non fiction chapter book it just has a certain flow.

Everything I write someone went through it or i personal went through it myself. I would say 100 percent of my books are truth.

Im studying some new Authors maybe not new but new to me lol because I think i suck at romance writing but dont mind writing it. I wouldn’t mine reading   Chris C. G romance Poetry and also Chris Robinson as well i think they are very talentive.

The support that you think you would get you don’t@ least not from family and so call friends. I get my support in the streets when im just wearing one of my T shirts or just happened to pull out my book to show before I give a speech or something people really are amazed by the words in the art.

I have a Passion for writing and we all crawl to walk so i can see writing as a full time job along the future.

If i had it my way i would only change my book price on Amazon and also would have made it just a bit longer but its just like reading a good C.D instead of listening to one.

During my free time outside of writing I go promote myself. I travel from place to place like HBD a School, a local library, walking the streets just introducing myself to let people know who I am and what i do.

I’ve learned in the writing industry marketing is very important if you want people to know you exist.

I believe my very first chapter book that i can at least remember as a child was where the red fern grows.  I also remember doing a book report on it.

If i  had any advice to a writer rather they new or old, top sellers or no sellers don’t give up on your Passion some top sellers may fall from time to time but always come back harder….. no sellers is just the beginning learn to market yourself and always support a writer and always support each other.

I don’t care to cry and yes i get upswept because I’m human. I try to do my smiling because in this industry i can make my pen bleed on paper.

If I could meet one person it would definitely like to have a personal relationship with Terry McMillian she is brilliant.

I love cooking, teaching, family time and working with others who can use help.

My favorite T.V shows are I.D , Cops, The first 48 although i studied criminal justice i would not give up writing maybe one day i can publish some crime scene with a article hahaha but yes something I don’t mind doing.

My favorite color is blue maybe because its the color of the sky but its beautiful. My favorite artist is Whitney Houston and favorite new artist is Sam Smith.

I’m always going to be a teacher so i don’t mind going back when needed for the sake of the children. Other than that i love my new journey and really enjoy it.