My name

Anthony Onyachonam Chukuma ( Dr. )

Age I was born 57 years ago, an extrovert, Author, Medical Doctor, and human rights advocate.


Originally born in Ewulu a small village in West African Nigerian country.


But have been Globe trotting,  USA, precisely Houston Texas, San Francisco California, Columbus Ohio and in Brooklyn, the great Apple New York.

I have all lived, schooled and worked in these places, recently schooled, living and working right now in Germany as a visiting physician in Arzt Praxis Dr. Silke Vömel, in Dortmund Süd, in Germany, as well as writing my books.


As a medical student in UCH Ibadan, ABU Zaria, respectively, after leading a successful campaign about Amina Yusuf, a woman convicted by sharia law to die by stoning for adultery, in the mid eighties in Nigeria, I was motivated by that single success to start advocating for the people’s rights including women and children.


But my writing started after my school project right up supervised my then HOD of Pathology Department, prof. Alan Fleming. Won in Travenol Scholarship awards in London England, although I have never set my foot in London, I was sent a hundred pounds medical book and a whole set of Brittanica encyclopedia which I still have to date.

That book became my first title, it was a medical book titled, Blood Transfusion in sub Saharan Africa vol. 1, as a student writer the book did not gain a good public awareness, but when I got to the US in the year 2000 I started writing columns with, I wrote so many medical columns, but not until 2012 while waiting for the approval to start practicing medicine in Germany I wrote my second book title; Sex slaves and human trafficking this title made good headlines, coupled with the happenstances around the world, I wrote my 3rd. Title The People’s Rights, the 4th. The tales of immigrants, the act of racism, all this titles and more became world headline titles as I am still writing and practicing my medicine in Germany.


My goal is to become a Nobel prize winner in writing one day.



When everyone is asleep in the mid night I stay up writing most of my books , that is my writing style.


In my current project I have two book titles coming out by the end of this year titled


The effect of physiological fluid in the body ( normal saline ) vol 1

& Modern day Slavery vol. 4

All are destined to come out this year 2016.


My publishers are Blurb Inc. USA

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