My name is, Rebecca Ratliff Butler. I’m from Canton, Ohio originally but I now live in Texas. Age? I’m 46 years old, which means I’ve turned 23 twice 🙂 I’m newly married, a little over a year now, and if you’ve watched True Blood.. you know why we call him, Billith.


I attended Kent State where I studied History. My god, do I LOVE ancient history! I could (and have) stay buried in books for days in my quest to see the world as our ancient relatives did. But, when I’m not devouring the ancient world, I dedicate every other moment of my life to my three children. Brandi is grown, and also writes the series with me, and I have two young boys that keep me on my toes.


I’ve always been a writer, even when it was just my journal 🙂 Three and a half years ago I decided to try my hand at publishing a few things I had been working on, and here we are.


My first book is still tucked away in my computer. I guess I would describe it as, ‘my baby.’ It’s something that I’ve worked on for many years, and it combines my love of history with my second love… Scotland. It’s a romantic time travel with alpha highlanders that keep me up at night. One of those highlanders helped create, Finlay Campbell from the ATW series. But don’t get me started on my love for Finny Stick.


Brandi and I write the series together, and the only style we have is to write for an hour and send it back to the other one. We never know what the other person has written until we get it back, then we go from there. It’s by far the most fun I’ve had writing anything 🙂


The title came about when we decided to write a long series. We knew that we wanted a series that would produce many installments over a few years, and we sort of laughed when I said, “Morgan goes around the world in 80 men.” Obviously we worked on it a bit, and the title was born through a few glasses of Moscato and enough laughter for our evil neighbors to hear. (Yes, they told us to keep it down. We didn’t 🙂


Yes, there’s a messsage in every story as well as the entire series itself. We’re all Morgan in some way. We say the wrong things, we don’t know as much about most topics as we’d like, we come from a less than perfect home, and we strive to get by in a world that can pass us without even noticing. And being like Morgan, we can learn that we don’t need a pedigree or recognition to do great things for others, or ourselves. We just have to believe in ourselves, and believe in one another. We need to live life like we mean it. Always.



Most of the books are realistic. Each and every thing that happens is part of daily life for all of us. We fly, travel, cook, fail, love, laugh, cry, hurt, and learn. One thing that Brandi and I decided upon at the beginning is that we wouldn’t make Morgan’s life a fantasy.


No, Morgan isn’t based on anyone we know, but her struggle through the world and her sense of humor is much like those of the authors 🙂


I’ve read so much in my life that I’d have to say simply reading and living a thousands lives as they say is what changed my life. I’ve met people who don’t read, and I feel as if they’ve denied themselves a journey that’s free for the taking.


Currently I’m reading, Sparta: The Dawn. It’s a work in progress from another author and I’m greatly enjoying it!


My daughter is my favorite author. Brandi Ratliff has a skill for story telling, and I can’t wait to see what she comes up as we continue with ATW and release other projects of our own.


I’m still working on my Highland series, and it will be released this year.


I’m trying to think of anyone outside of family members that have supported my writing. Honestly, aside from our fabulous readers, there aren’t any.


Yes! Writing is my career and I wouldn’t change it for anything in the world!


If I could change anything in the lastest book, I would have extended a few scenes that were very important. However, it’s hard to show the complete picture of Morgan’s journey in 30,000 words. I do wish I could go back in time and make each book the length that it should have been to show the readers more details of what she experiences.


I don’t recall when my love for writing grew, but I can say that even in middle school I was the weird girl who always loved writing assignments.


Around the World in 80 Men will have book 40 in the series added to the collection soon. Morgan is in Austria with, Derek. He’s believed to be a cheater… but.. is he? This one has been a blast writing, and the one lined up after this will be a roller coaster! The readers better have some wine on hand for book 41.


My only challenge in writing is finding the time. With a husband and two kids that are active in life, I find myself running from thing to thing, person to person, and room to room, without having the time to visit Morgan. It’s frustrating, but if that’s all that I have as a problem, I’ll take it 🙂


My favorite author is, Diana Gabaldon. Obviously, her work is amazing but her personal story is just as inspiring. She wrote the first Outlander in her spare time, and she had no intentions of ever doing anything with it. She has a beautiful raw talent that is so incredibly rare.


I don’t travel (sadly), but I do so much research for each book that I feel as if I’m walking the streets right beside Morgan Holland.


Brandi, my daughter, made every cover to every  book that we have published.


I’ve learned so much from writing ATW. Not only has my writing improved but since we’ve written nearly 40 books in the series, I’ve grown to know and love each character as if they’re sitting right next me. Julianne whispers to sit up straight, Cade smiles at me when my shirt is cut low, Finlay wants to carry me to my room when my back hurts, and Angel… oh lord… he never shuts up. I can’t go into a grocery store without him telling me how I should have found a cosmetic before leaving the house.


Advice for other writers… this is a big one. I wish someone would have told me how cut-throat this world really is. Then again, I dove right in thinking everyone would be nice and helpful… so my virgin eyes found the good people to rub shoulders with. I would say to be strong and never give up. After selling hundreds of thousands of books, just remember, Brandi and I were told that we would never sell a copy of one book that tells the story of a prostitute. Moral: Only you know what’s best for you, run with your gut.


To our readers, THANK YOU. It’s goes so far beyond liking the series, we’ve known many of you since the very beginning and you walked by our sides during some seriously difficult personal problems. Without some of you, our lives would be in shambles.. and that’s the truth. We love you all, so very much!


The first book I read was, Helen Keller. I was in the fifth grade and I can honestly say that I was hooked from that moment on. My best girlfriends were also readers, and that made it so much easier for my love of the written word to flourish.


I have to say that just about anything will make me laugh. I’m the class clown of the family, and Brandi is well on her way to take my spot 🙂 We can literally laugh for hours over nothing, and everything.


I would love to have met some of my far past relatives that moved to this country from Scotland, England and Ireland. I’d love to know what made them  make that move and everything they went through as they settled on this new land.


I don’t want a headstone. I’d rather have my ashes scattered someplace fun, and hopefully my family can visit me with their hearts and minds 🙂


I have several hobbies, when I get the time. I love gardening and I’ll try to grow anything. I can’t say I’m very good at it, but I love it nonetheless. I also can’t survive a week of my life without watching a horror movie.. or three. I love fishing and camping! If there’s a body of water near me, I promise I’ve fished it 🙂 But my one true love is music. I’ll dance, sing, or just sit quietly and listen, but take me to a patio with a band and I’ll be your friend for life.


I’m currently catching up on Game of Thrones. I absolutely love it!! Of course I also enjoy The Walking Dead. I’m also known for finding a series on Netflix and dedicating all of my free time to watching every season, and not watching anything else until I’m caught up. Other than that, I’ll stick with my horror flicks.


Hands down, my favorite food is Italian. Chicken Carbonara to be specific, although (oddly) I’ve never made it for myself.


In my past life, I owned a few outlet stores so I’m sure I would have opened a few here in Texas by now. It was a fun experience filled with hard work and exhaustion, but I wouldn’t deny myself that experience.. if even I could.



If anyone would like to know more about, Around the World in 80 Men, please visit our Facebook page of the same title.



Thank you all for taking the time to visit with me, I hope I see each and every one of you soon!!



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