Name  Ashok Malli

Where are you from

I am originally from India and received my Education from New Delhi India.

I am now settled in New York.

I have been writing poetry from school Days.

I took interest in poetry writing as a teenager. My elder brother Mr. Girdhari Malli

Wrote poetry and evoked a passion in me too for poetry writing.

I considered myself a poet and writer when  I was a teenager.

I always  wrote Poems  which were published in School magazine and other poetry

Websites. So I decided to write my first Poetry book.

I always write motivational and inspirational poetry. I just thought about the title  one day.

I am very focused about poetry writing and I do give the credit of my poetry to my elder   brother

Mr. Girdhari Malli.

I would like to advice other writers and readers to be Original.If You copy others people lose interest in your work.

My first book which I read “ Noddy goes to School” by Enid Blyton.

Boot Polish was the Indian movie which made me cry. Charlie Chaplin

Movies made me laugh a lot in childhood.

I would like to meet my school teachers again.

On my head stone it should  be written :Here lies the Soul exploited ,battered and which

could not understand human beings.




I write poetry which is straight from the heart and it is very relevant and realistic .

Writing is  reflection of your soul and experiences with life.

The  biggest influence in  my  life is my brother  whose poems motivated me.

All I read is poetry by renowned poets like Keats ,Frost and Shakespeare.

I like a lot of  new authors .

I am working on a new poetry book

My friends supported me a lot.

Yes …I am a poet and I will keep writing …

If I have to change anything in my latest book ….I feel nothing ….My book is my expression of my life.

In my childhood I used to read and read… Books were my best friends.

My hobbies are traveling , music, reading poetry and watching movies.

I love to watch romantic  and comedy shows. My favorite color is Purple.

My  favorite food is Indian Curries which are spicy.


I like romantic songs and inspirational folk music.

My Page

If I was not a writer I would be an actor.


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