Name Alisha Cole

Age 26

Where you from are: I am originally from Perryville, Missouri. Now I live in Delaware.

A little about your self `ie your education Family life etc.:

I two beautiful nine year old boys. I was a single mother until six years ago, until I met my amazing fiancé. I have always had a love for writing and books. My family and friends support and encouragement, gave me the push I needed to peruse my dreams. Books and the book world are my biggest hobbies. I love to read just about anything, but escaping in a romance book is my favorite. I love to support indie authors, and try to keep up with all their books. I look at them as role models, every one of us is different, and I believe we could make a huge impact if we all supported each other. Besides books, you can find me on social media, (mainly Facebook) or watching movies with my family. I have a love for some random things including: an obsession for pizza, Hello Kitty and Thor. A lot of people would never know that I enjoy the history channel, Ancient Aliens is one of my favorite shows. I love working on cars, and motorcycles with my fiancé, and absolutely love to dance.


Fiona: Tell us your latest news?

I wrote my debut book and released it September 9th, 2015. It’s book one in my series Beautiful Nothing: My Beautiful Nightmare. I am currently about to release the second book in the series called, My Beautiful Lies. It releases January 8th, 2016.


Fiona: When and why did you begin writing?

I started writing throw away stories, when I became a teenager. Dealing with a lot of bullies in school, made for great stories. I wrote poems, about first boyfriends, fights with friends etc. I never thought I would write a book, but I have been told I have too much of an imagination, to not peruse it. Now that I do, I wouldn’t change it for the world.


Fiona: When did you first consider yourself a writer?

When I published my first book. Writer’s go through so much stress and worry. Spend long months, even years on making a story come to life. So I believe when I actually followed through, and completed my first book, is when I could call myself a true writer.


Fiona: What inspired you to write your first book?

Music. I have a connection with the stories you hear through songs. Then story plots, pour in and I write and let my imagination take me wherever it wants. It’s fiction, so the sky is the limit.


Fiona: Do you have a specific writing style?

Yes, I believe that no matter what I write, there will always been a slight darkness or pain in it. So my style could be considered as dark fiction.


Fiona: How did you come up with the title?

For my first book? I would say because of what the character with through, the hero who makes her forget is beautiful, yet he is her nightmare.


Fiona: Is there a message in your novel that you want readers to grasp?

Yes. Sometimes beautiful things, aren’t always what they seem to be.


Fiona: How much of the book is realistic?

I believe some of it could be realistic, that there is women out there who could have some of the same issues in common with the main character’s story.


Fiona: Are experiences based on someone you know, or events in your own life?

No. They are completely fictional.


Fiona: What books have most influenced your life most? a mentor?

I came into the book world through social media a year ago. I went to my first takeover and met author Heather Dahlgren. I fell in love with her books and have stalked her ever since. From there on out, I would consider her a very good friend, mentor and inspiration in my life.


Fiona: What book are you reading now?

Currently, I have no time to read. I am however writing a secret book. J

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