Hello Fiona My Name is Aletta Hodges

I was born in Jackson Michigan and currently reside in lansing michigan working as a dental asst.

I signed with Cinematic Ink Publications this past June and My first book “ Dangerously in Love” (blame it on the streets) is available now for preorder on amazon it drops on oct 4.  Cinematic Ink Publications is a subcompany of SBR publications which is a group of #1 bestselling authors.

TBRS as a group holds down 9 out of the top ten spots on amazon.  Im blessed to be a part of such a prestige group.

I began writing poems as a child.  I was shy so I stayed to myself with a notepad or a electric typewriter.

The inspiration for my book was just to help.

I see so many women in my community struggling going through relationship problems and I felt I could combine a lot of the stories and help others.

My message to world is no matter what you can make it you can manifest anything you want in your life.  I ask believe and receive.

I believe thats what got me to this place now.

Some parts of my book were from personal experience but I deviated outside the truth to make it fiction.

I wanted every one able to relate to the situations in the book.

I wanted the poems to flow through them leaving a message embedded in them.

Books that influenced me are books written by Terry Mcmilian Iyanla vanzant Maya Angelou.

The stories they tell inspire millions change lives and I hope to change lives also.

I dont have one  author that I consider as a mentor I have a group of authors that I admire and encourage me to keep going.

TBRS books have dominated the charts hitting 9 out of ten spots for the top ten on amazon.

Im blessed to be among a group of such prestige authors.
My company Cinematic Ink Publications debut release is “Dangerously in Love”  Following “An Imperfect love has Limits by Auhor Shanica Jackson.

Christina Kelly and Author Keith Porter also have books coming up soon.

I am currently working on book 2 which is gonna focus more on the male character in the first book I want his story heard too in hopes to inspire.

Besides my family and friends as support I have to say god carried me all the way here.  My dream is to write full time.

It was an overwhelming feeling of accomplishment when I finished Dangerously in Love and I wouldnt change it at all the whole process was an experience.

The process of looking over cover after cover was strenuous.

I think we all got a feeling when we seen the cover me and the publishers and the same with the title you know when its the one.

To my readers to my fans to my family to everyone supporting me on the road.  Thank you for believing in me thank you for the likes the shares the comments it really makes my day the love that im getting from everyone.
Dangerously in love now available for preorder on amazon by Aletta H