Name Danielle Gianni Corrick,

Hello to all,

Thank you to all who have taken a few minutes out of their busy day, to get to know me. I truly appreciate that very much. I want to introduce myself. I’m Danielle Gianni Corrick, 38 years YOUNG, married mother of two, hair stylist, and self published author of ‘An Erotic Vampire Romance Trilogy’…which is available @AMAZON, paper back and kindle.


I’m so excited to share with you all, who are into paranormal fantasy…my love story of a mortal LANA BLACK, and a vampire DRACULA! From the reviews that I have received…I have seen the same word in many. The readers used the word EXCITED! They explained…that they loved the fact that they can be taken away, away from this world, and into a whole other atmosphere of pleasure!

I tried very hard to incorporate everything that I love and have a passion for into this trilogy…from the vampires, the masquerade, fantasy, theatre, the morals and the lessons! I wanted to create a story that was a dark romance…with a light at the end, a story that I began writing notes for in 1997. I put the notes tucked away into a drawer for about ten years, and six years ago I brought them out and I continued the unfinished love story of LANA BLACK and DRACULA!


It has been a very long haul, and quite heavy upon my heart…not for only the struggle of completing my story, but for the reason on why I began writing this story at all. I never realized my true potential in writing until I had to put my strength to the test. On December 15, 1997 was the day my brother took his own life…the day my life changed forever! I had a choice to make…do I die too? Do I take my own life? What to do…? I did not know! I could have went to a doctor and had been highly medicated, or I could turn to the pen and create a world of my own to run to…to hide in! And, that is just what I did…I ran away with LANA BLACK and DRACULA!

With all of that being said…I want to introduce to you all, my Erotic Vampire Romance.
I usually warn my readers…my style of writing is quite RAW. I tried my hardest to keep it as real, vivid, and as visual as I can. Being it was a diary format book, it had to be personal…the title. I kicked the two main character names around, but it was my baby brother who actually gave me the title of my first book ‘BLACK’…after listening to me narrate the story to him, while still in the process of writing it.


While I was writing…I tried to throw in hidden messages, moral and lesson. To help marriages, relationships, and battles of temptation and obsession. My books are filled with positive help ones emotionally, and sexually! I would say about 25% of my story is real! We all know what part I’m talking about…uh huh, the blood sucking and the vampires!

I must make a confession or two…when I was a child I was deathly afraid of our beloved VAMPIRES! I thought they were all around me as I slept. One day…I decided to join them, so I convinced myself to love them. I was scared…NO MORE! I than had an obsession with the blood sucking creatures of the night. Who would have thought years later… I would have An Erotic VAMPIRE Romance Trilogy…?


I have another confession to make…as much as I love to write, I am not a great reader. I never was…sad but true, I can’t stay focused. I’m always thinking about the stories in my own head…that they interfere, when I try to read. GRRRR! In order for me to read…I CAN NOT WRITE! I know…I’m a little strange. I also can not write…while I’m trying to promote my current trilogy. I can not focus and put my whole heart into my trilogy…if I am writing or reading! Another GRRRR! On the upside…I am holding house parties for my trilogy, which are quite fun! However, I do have notes for a another story that I do love…it’s patiently waiting for me.


If I were in a different position and place…where I can just write all day, and listen to palm trees at an island vacation house, than I would. I would love to become that writer who reaches those destinations, and makes a living by sharing creations with the world. All I can say is ‘Thank God…for giving me the strength to make it through such a nightmare, as losing my brother. God gave me a reason to live, and he helped me create my story…my therapy.

If I were to change anything about my story…I wouldn’t. As I read my story, I find flaws…and as I do, I than learn from my imperfections. While noticing the not so perfect text…I have to remember that my story had been called ‘poetry in motion’, by a handful of my readers. As far as the sex scenes go…I would say that I definitely took a unique approach! Being that my work is set as DIARIES…I wrote these parts quite RAW! I felt it to be the most believable way to go.


There are parts of the story that are included, such as my brothers suicide…that are very realistic, and painful. There are so many emotions one will go through, as they read my story. Even the book covers, I tried very hard to bring the reader inside. I wanted simple, yet alluring…which NUTHOUSE PRODUCTIONS, has created here for me as the finished product. I couldn’t thank Brian Verga enough…for his hard work, and friendship.


The hardest thing about writing my trilogy…was getting into every character, physically! I would act out so many scenes…just to watch my body move, as I would than write it down. I allowed the pen to mirror all of my actions.

I learned so much from writing my trilogy, as it was my outlet from the painful loss of my brother Piero. It saved my life, as it was my therapy. If I were to help out any new writer… all I would say is “Write with your heart…allow its blood be the ink that stains the paper.” I speak from experience, as I wrote with all my heart!


Being that I love theatre, comes as no surprise, the T.V. shows that I adore to share some time with. America’s Got Talent, American Idol, The Voice, So You Think You Can Dance…are all amazing to me, as these shows strike that theatre nerve in me.


I love the color baby blue.I enjoy watching performances with elegant body movements…to soft symphonies, almost as appealing as eating an ice cream sundae topped wit Snickers and a cherry on top…one of my favorites!

I whole heartedly hope to succeed on my writing journey, as God only knows what’s to come next…until than I will continue to believe that my dreams are possible. I want to thank you Fiona for your beautiful interview with me, and I want to thank you all who have read my complete interview…I enjoyed it V”’Very much!
Danielle Gianni Corrick =) XOXO


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