Tom Barczak


Norman, Oklahoma

I am an Architect, Artist and Author, and father of three boys.

Fiona: Tell us your latest news?

My debut novel, Veil of the Dragon, will be out in May. My illustrated Kindle Serial, Awakening Evarun, is almost at an end in preparation of that. And also, I have recently been asked by Janet and Chris Morris, Authors of “The Sacred Band”, to write for their “Heroes in Hell” series.

Fiona: When and why did you begin writing?

I started when I was a kid, sitting on my front porch, illustrating every page. Then I stopped. One day about ten years ago I decided to start again.

Fiona: When did you first consider yourself a writer?

Several years after that. It took me awhile, to gain enough confidence to own it and to take responsibility for what it meant.

Fiona: What inspired you to write your first book?

There has been a thread that has always run though my paintings and my music. One day I found out it was a story.

Fiona: Do you have a specific writing style?

Technique, no, other than I write something every day. Even if for only ten minutes.

Fiona: How did you come up with the title?

By listening to the story. But that also means letting it evolve.

Fiona: Is there a message in your novel that you want readers to grasp?

My stories lean towards redemption, so I’d say that there’s always hope, no matter what.

Fiona: How much of the book is realistic?

For Veil of the Dragon, aside from it being Fantasy, quite a bit. It has historic parallels, sometimes with different names. It definitely has a strong grounding in the real world so far as dress, equipment, cultures, ect. Its equivalent time would be the fall of the Roman Empire. No elves.

Fiona: Are experiences based on someone you know, or events in your own life?

It’s a heroes quest, which I think we all go on. So yes – my own, in a loose sort of way. You write what you know.

Fiona: What books have most influenced your life most?

As far as authors go: JRR Tolkien, David Eddings, Robert Jordan, Jim Butcher.

Fiona: If you had to choose, which writer would you consider a mentor?

Right now, personally, Janet Morris.

Fiona: What book are you reading now?

Mage Blood by Janet Morris, and Black Earth, End of the Innocence, by David Alderman.

Fiona: Are there any new authors that have grasped your interest?

My two favorites right now, both contemporary, though not new, are Janet Morris and Jim Butcher. Different stylistically, but similar in how their fantasy is grounded in historical fact, which for me is important – also their lyricism and their rhythm.

Fiona: What are your current projects?

Two short stories, Blood and Ochre, and Blood and Ash. Apparently I have a blood thing going…Also finishing up my illustrated Kindel serial, Awakening Evarun, while I prepare to publish Veil of the Dragon. Veil is the first installment of my Illusrated Epic Fantasy Trilogy, Prophecy of the Evarun.

Fiona: Name one entity that you feel supported you outside of family members.

The Architect Firm I work for during the day, Boynton Williams and Assoc.

Fiona: Do you see writing as a career?

I do.

Fiona: If you had to do it all over again, would you change anything in your latest book?

Yes. But I’ll keep it to myself for now.

Fiona: Do you recall how your interest in writing originated?

I used to write on my porch as a kid. Just always wanted to.

Fiona: Can you share a little of your current work with us?

My upcoming novel, Veil of the Dragon, begins as Chaelus, Roan Lord of the House of Malius is raised from the dead by a child. Told he is the reincarnated prophet of a faith in which he does not believe, Chaelus is left to choose between the heavy mantle of prophecy and the loss of everything he has ever loved.

Fiona: Is there anything you find particularly challenging in your writing?

Balance. And patience.

Fiona: Who is your favorite author and what is it that really strikes you about their work?

Please see my comments on Jim Butcher and Janet Morris above.

Fiona: Do you have to travel much concerning your book(s)?

No. But I will be starting this Summer. Me and my boys are going on a bit of a Midwest book tour to support the release Veil of the Dragon.

Fiona: Who designed the covers?

I do all my own design and artwork.

Fiona: What was the hardest part of writing your book?

Same with everyone. The Middle.

Fiona: Did you learn anything from writing your book and what was it?

That I can do it and do it well.

Fiona: Do you have any advice for other writers?

Just write. Something every day, even for 5 minutes. No matter what. No other rules matter. Just write. The only thing that will stop you is you.

Fiona: Do you have anything specific that you want to say to your readers?

Only that I am deeply appreciative of anyone who takes the time to read my words. Unless they get read, there really was no point in writing them. I could have just thought them. So thank you.

Fiona: If you were not a writer what else would you like to have done ?

Other than Architecture and Art? I’d have to say Geology.

Fiona: Do you have a blog/website? if so what is it?